FOR SALE 1964 A65.c Lightning Rocket

  FOR  SALE  Custom restored 

'64 A65.c Lightning Rocket

  Vintage 1964 BSA A65.C Lightning Rocket complete Custom restore and rebuild. Found in Michigan in a basement, not ridden or registered since 1976 this BSA was restored with 95% all original BSA parts, every nut and bolt was cleaned and polished and reinstalled when possible. Runs great, starts on 1st 2 kicks and both carbs fire and are tuned (for today).  The dual mufflers are baffleless so they let out a roar when it fires up, or takes off from a stop but they are not deafening and it’s a smooth ride. Less than 10 miles on the engine since rebuild and that was to test working condition.

 Features dual AMAL 900 series concentric carbs, Smiths speedometer and rev counter which was only featured on the A65.C model. The entire electrical system was rewired maintaining the original 6 volt positive earth ground battery system with correct connectors, with a Wipac Headlight, Lucas tail light, and reconditioned Lucas horn. Keeping it original with the Lucas points ignition/ timing system but updated with new condensors, coils, and Champion spark plugs.

 Original wheels and tires with front and rear drum brakes, as well as a new chain. All the rubbers where replaced including BSA logo driver pegs and gas tank seal. The original tank was stripped of its paint to reveal a near perfect condition chrome finish minus a few vintage dents, the tank was only polished and pinstriped and look great in person. The side covers are part of the non-original 5% but fit well with oddie fasteners and are a period correct fiberglass "upgrade".

 Completely new paint with custom red accents, all finished off with new UK made BSA logo badges on the side covers, as well as new badges for the tank which help denote this BSAs early design. In addition decals have been applied for BSA, model, oil line, oil type, filters, and of course Made in England, and a Union Jack for good measure. A BSA decal also is on the rear on the new dual leather seat mounted with a NOS rear grab bar.

 1964 was the first year in the US for the BSA Lightning Rocket and this was the top of the line twin carb 654cc “Power Egg “ engine with an over bored +40 cylinder, and the only model with a rev counter.  This 50 year old motorcycle is a beautiful, classic example of British motorcycles at their finest. A perfect blend of street cruiser and speed racer this bike will last another 50 years and still catch everyone’s eye.

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