Back from the Ashes

During  my adventures in restoring my BSA I became quite an expert and established a nation wide network of OEM and NOS parts suppliers and experts in everything from motors to paint.  Now we work to find forgotten about classics and put them back on the road. Classicly restoring cycles to better than original or in the style of its age, now these cycles are keeping the roads classy and stars in the owners eyes..

Vintage Classic cycles..?

Watson British Cycle

Established in 2013 after my own venture into British cycles, realizing that the bike world was full of Hogs and Imports and not alot out there for the old british bikes; which to me carry a class and style of their own. After getting my BSA on the road I was stoped time and time again with stories about an old BSA someone, or their Dad or grandfather had. I noticed as they told me they had a Stary eyed look on their face, and every time they followed up with "How Much  do you want ?" 

   We're keeping the tradition of Classic Motorcycling alive. Specializing in Vintage British cycles like BSA, Triumph, Norton and Royal Endfeild. We Repair, Restore and Service in addition to Sales, Commisions and even Hunting Down your dream bike.

   Whether your looking for a motorcycle like your Grandfather's 1931 BSA B31-3, your a Grandfather looking for a 1964 Triumph Bonneville, or if you just want that classic look and feel we can help. With our established network of parts suppliers and our experience in finding hard to find, sometimes forgotten cycles we can bring back some nostalgia to your day, Watson British Cycle helps you resurect your cycle back from the ashes.

Our History

~ History in every Bike ~